About Us

Better Without was launched in December 2020. Set up by Jonny Stevens, he wanted to share the great alcohol-free options.

Our Mission

Millions of people are curious about changing their drinking habits, whether full-time or part-time. This consumer trend is driving-up the growth of the low and no alcohol industry.

However, the visibility of choice available is low and has been holding people back from switching.

At Better Without we are creating a place where finding and discovering low or no alcohol beer, wines, and spirits is made easy – the Better Without app.

The app is the perfect platform for brands to promote their products and their story, whilst also helping them to connect and learn from the community.

  • View and filter by drinks and drink styles (e.g. Wine, Beer, Spirits etc.)
  • Visuals of all products
  • Product information, dish pairing and ingredients Story about the producer
  • Available stockists
  • Community rating of products
  • Promotions and product suggestions

Our Founder, Jonny Stevens